SS #670 Tools

Here is a list of useful tools.

Tool Description
Floor Jack Floor jack
O2 Sensor Wrench Offset oxygen sensor wrench
Manual Factory service manual
Refill Kit Cooling system refill kit
RhinoRamps Plastic drive-on ramps
Side Shim Installer Differential carrier bearing side shim tool

Floor Jack

[Lincoln W93642] I'd always wanted a good floor jack so when an opportunity to get a good deal on a Lincoln 2-ton (W93642) came up, I had to get one. I'd read that Corvette owners prefer this jack because it the lift cup is very low; at or slightly below the top of the wheels.

O2 Sensor Wrench

Heated oxygen sensors can be a lot taller than the single wire ones used on OBD-I vehicles. The Performance tool W84008 is a pretty good choice.

[Performance Tool W84008]


[Helm Inc] I believe it's important to have the factory manual. It contains the same information technicians at your dealer use when they work on your car. It's contains torque specifications, wiring schematics and lots of other use stuff.

The best place to buy a manual is from Helm Incorporated. The set isn't cheap; the 2000 Camaro and Firebird Service Manual goes for $135 plus shipping.

[F-Platform service manual set]

My set is well worn and full of page markers!

Helm also offers an electronic version of the service manual. It's about twice as expensive as the paper manual set but it covers all GM vehicles from 1998 and up and includes high resolution images. It also includes service bulletins from 1980 and up. Their webpage says you can buy updates but when I called to do this (I wanted the current TSBs) it became clear there no updates; instead you have to buy the current version (at full price).


I had two pairs of 12000 GVW RhinoRamps; the extra pair came in handy when I need the car level (for an oil change) or with the weight on all four wheels (for suspension work). Drive on the front pair, jack up the rear end and let it down on the rear pair. Note that the warning labels say not to use RhinoRamps with other lifting equipment and not to use them in pairs.


Refill Kit

When I upgraded my radiator, I used an UView Airlift cooling system refill kit (#5550000) to refill my cooling system. It uses compressed air to evacuate the system and then just open a valve and it sucks the coolant mix out of a bucket. This is how the factory fills cooling systems on new cars and when used properly, there's no air trapped in the system.

[Airlift 5550000]

Side Shim Installer

When I did my differential, I used Kent Moore J25588 I got from SPX/OTC. It made the job a lot easier.

[Kent Moore J25588] [Kent Moore J25588]

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