SS #670 Modifications:

Although my driving style is to go easy on the tires and brakes, I found that I was warping the stock F-Body front rotors. For example, I changed the front brake pads at 57K miles and they still had 27% pad (before the wear indicators) left. But the rotors were warped and I had them resurfaced. At 79K I noticed the rotors were starting to warp again so I decided to do a C5 Corvette brake conversion.

[Brake conversion]
Brake conversion

[LG Motorsports] The key to this upgrade is the adapter brackets. There are a number of options available but most require cutting a piece off the spindle. I wanted to avoid this and had previous experience with LG Motorsports so I bought a set of their brackets.

LG Motorsports brackets are designed to work with the F-Body caliper bracket. Also, it's not possible to use C5 brake pads with F-Body caliper brackets since they are about 0.020" narrower than C5 brackets. I would have preferred to use C5 caliper bracket and pads but I guess the trade off is if you use F-Body calipers, it's possible to switch between F-Body and C5 rotors by just adding or removing the adapter bracket.

I opted to upgrade to C5 calipers for appearance but also to preserve brake bias. Using F-Body calipers with C5 rotors increases front bias over a stock setup. C5 calipers have slightly smaller pistons so using them brings the bias back to stock. They are also pressure cast which makes them stronger.

[LG Motorsports brackets]
LG Motorsports brackets

The adapter brackets bolt in place of the F-Body caliper mounting bracket and the F-Body caliper mounting bracket bolt to the adapter bracket.

Parts list

I went with OEM parts:

# GM Delco Description
1 12530682 172-2219 C5 right front caliper
1 12530683 172-2220 C5 left front caliper
1 10445856 177-853 C5 right front rotor
1 10445857 177-852 C5 left front rotor
2 10333772 176-1008 C5 front brake hose
2 22163795   Banjo bolt
4 10139097   Banjo bolt washers
1 18026298 171-631 F-Body front brake pads
[General Motors]

C5 Corvette brake rotors are directional; the vanes are designed to help cool them. They're also cheaper than F-Body rotors. F-Body front rotors are 11.6" in diameter; C5 front rotors are 12.8" in diameter.

[PBR  Brakes] C5 calipers are made by PBR Brakes.

[C5 rotors] [C5 rotor vanes]
C5 rotors C5 rotor vanes
[Delco C5 front pads] [C5 caliper]
Delco C5 front pads C5 caliper

Brake bleeders

[Earl's Performance Plumbing] I also used a set of Earl's Performance Plumbing brake Solo-Bleed brake bleeders (280040ERL). These were handy as I wanted to flush my brake system as part of the upgrade.

[Earl's Solo-Bleeders]
Earl's Solo-Bleeders

A number of companies including Speed Bleeder make these but Earl's are designed differently. Most build the check valve into the bleeder which necessitates some kind of sealant on the threads. Earl's design places the check valve against the seat. This means the brake fluid at the threads is not pressurized when you are bleeding the brakes.

[Solo-Bleed chart]

Brake Fluid

I used Valvoline dot 3 brake fluid to flush my brake system and then top it off.

[Valvoline brake fluid]
Valvoline brake fluid

Installation Notes

Useful stuff I learned

Here are some optional part numbers:

GM Delco Description
88895128 172-2263 Z06 front caliper (red)
88895129 172-2264 Z06 front caliper (red)
12530697 179-2009 C5/F-Body caliper guide pin
12530703 179-2008 C5/F-Body guide pin boot

Z06 calipers are powder coated red but are otherwise equivalent to the standard C5 version.

One thing to keep in mind when doing a C5 brake upgrade is that the mini-spare won't fit. This means if you have a flat on the front, you have to put the spare on the rear and move a real wheel to the front.

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