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Note: After 17 years of fun I sold my SS Camaro in June of 2017.

This is my obligatory Chevrolet Camaro SS page.

[SS #670] My SS is a 2000. It was built on August 23rd, 1999 in Ste. Therese, Quebec, Canada. It was the 670th SS out of 8912 built. It's Arctic white hardtop with Ebony leather interior.

Here's a picture of SS #670 near San Pablo Reservoir.

I had been looking for a new car for a number of years. But I wanted more than a replacement for my daily driver, a 1989 Chevrolet Beretta GT; I wanted a significant upgrade. A manual transmission and lots of power were on my non-negotiable list. I was intrigued by the Corvette powertrain of the LT1 Camaro but never liked the depressed headlights. When Chevrolet gave the front clip a face lift in 1998 I decided I wanted one. The new LS1 motor was an unexpected bonus! Its best dyno pull was 308.8 HP / 321.6 ft-lbs (corrected). My best 1/4 mile run so far was 13.54 seconds @ 104.59 MPH.

My SS is fully loaded. I didn't get T-Tops because they're heavy and allow more body flex. I also didn't get the SLP chrome wheels; I wasn't too hot for the 2000 SS wheels either so instead I bought some Corvette ZR1 style five-spoke SLP take-off wheels. Here are the options I did get:

Description RPO
Z28 Coupe 1FP97
SS Performance/Appearance WU8
Preferred Equipment Group 1SD
6-Speed Manual Transmission MN6
Leather Trimmed Seats AR9
Hurst Short Throw Shifter * BBS
Rear Window Defogger C49
Monsoon AM/FM with CD UN0
Description RPO
Auburn Differential * 10147
SLP Dual-Dual Exhaust 10190
Bilstein Suspension * 10255
Premium Front Floor Mats 10149
SS Key Frobs and Dash Plaque 10151

* Over time I've upgraded some of the factory options. I swapped the factory Hurst short throw shifter for the Hurst billet plus. After my Auburn differential wore out, I installed a Torsen T-2R Racemaster. Finally, I've replaced all of the components of the Bilstein Suspension package. The new parts include Koni dual adjustable shocks, BMR lower control arms, BMR panhard bar and 1LE/SS front/rear springs (GM 22132887/22132889).

In addition, I've installed the SLP OEM airbox lid. This is one half of SLP's High Flow Induction System which was an upfit option on the 2002 SS. The other half is the SLP dual-dual exhaust option.

Note well: The author assumes no responsibility, legal or otherwise, that might result from applying any of the information found here.

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Assorted hacks
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SS #670 Pictures
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SS #670 Movies
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Drag strip runs
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Gear ratio calculator
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[SS #670 Modifications]
[SS #670 Assorted hacks]
[SS #670 Pictures]
[SS #670 Movies]
[SS #670 Dyno pulls]
[SS #670 Drag strip runs]
[SS #670 Gear ratio calculator]
[SS #670 Suggestions]
[SS #670 Tools]

[SS #670 Oil report]
[SS #670 Timeline]
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[SS #670 The Super Sport Owners Association]
[SS #670 Miscellaneous]
[SS #670 EMail Craig]
[SS #670 Mods: Sway bars]
[SS #670 Mods: Shocks and struts]
[SS #670 Mods: Springs]
[SS #670 Mods: Panhard bar]
[SS #670 Mods: Lower control arms]
[SS #670 Mods: Subframe connectors]
[SS #670 Mods: Adjustable torque arm]
[SS #670 Mods: Differential]
[SS #670 Mods: ZR1 wheels]
[SS #670 Mods: Shock tower brace]
[SS #670 Mods: Brakes]
[SS #670 Mods: Hurst billet plus shifter]
[SS #670 Mods: Heel/Toe throttle extension plate]
[SS #670 Mods: Driveshaft safety loop]
[SS #670 Mods: Radiator]
[SS #670 Mods: Oil cooler]
[SS #670 Mods: Clutch]
[SS #670 Mods: Differential vent tube]
[SS #670 Mods: Shift light]
[SS #670 Mods: Air box lid]
[SS #670 Mods: Polyurethane bushings]
[SS #670 Mods: Auto Meter gauge pod]
[SS #670 Mods: Disable CAGS]
[SS #670 Mods: Disable daytime running lights]

[SS #670 Mods: EFILive]
[SS #670 Mods: LS1-edit]
[SS #670 Mods: Battery]
[SS #670 Mods: Valentine One remote display]
[SS #670 Mods: Headlights]
[SS #670 Mods: iPod integration]
[SS #670 Mods: LEDs]
[SS #670 Mods: Cellular phone]
[SS #670 Mods: Zaino Bros' show car polish]

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