[Disable CAGS]
SS #670 Modifications:
Disable CAGS

[Disable CAGS] Computer aided gear selection (CAGS) is a hack that was invented to avoid the gas guzzler tax. A solenoid is used to lock out second and third gears when the following conditions are met:

During the lockout, a dashboard light that says "SKIP SHIFT" is illuminated and you are supposed to shift from 1st directly to 4th. There is apparently no timeout; that is, the lockout continues as long as the above conditions persist.

The good news is that it's easy to defeat CAGS. Prior to 1996 when OBD-II went into effect, one could simply unplug the CAGS solenoid connector. However, OBD-II is required to detect failures that impact emissions, so disconnecting the CAGS solenoid on a 1996 or newer T56 transmission car will cause a service emissions system (SES) warning light. A number of companies (including Chevrolet) sell !CAGS kits. The kit consists of a connector with a 24 Ω resistor potted in it that simulates the electrical load of the solenoid. Unfortunately, at 12 volts this works out to 500 mA or 6 watts and the resistor used is typically only rated for 1/2 watt. This means the resistor gets pretty hot and eventually burns out.

I installed a !CAGS rig the day after I picked up SS #670. (This let me have a little taste of how annoying it could be.) I bought it nearly two months before I place my order for the car!

Later I disabled CAGS with EFILive's FlashScan programming tool.

I think CAGS was an elegant solution to the gas guzzler tax. I'd much rather install a $25 part than pay a $2K tax to the IRS.

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