Black CTS-V: Tools

Here is a list of useful tools.

Factory Service Manual
Floor Jack
Jack Stands
Oil Funnel
Race Ramps

Factory Service Manual

[Helm Inc]

I believe it's important to have the factory manual. It contains the same information technicians at your dealer use when they work on your car. It's has torque specifications, wiring schematics and lots of other useful stuff.

The best place to buy a manual is from Helm Incorporated. I paid $375 + shipping for the 2018 Cadillac CTS (vin D) Manual Set.

[Y-car Service Manual Set]

Floor Jack

I have a good jack from when I had my 2000 SS Camaro, a Lincoln 2-ton (W93642). It has a cup that is pretty low but not low enough for a C6 Corvette so I picked up an AC Hydraulic DK20Q. The DK20Q is really low.

[Lincoln W93642] [AC Hydraulic DK20Q]

Jack Stands

[ESCO Jack Stand]

For jack stands I like the ESCO 10498 3 Ton. The jack pads have rubber covers and to not mark up the suspension.

Oil Funnel

[Motivx Oil Funnel] Motivx Tools makes a neat oil funnel that locks in place of the oil cap of LS engines. It makes it almost impossible to spill oil when doing changes!

Race Ramps

Years ago I had two sets of RhinoRamps. I paid about $30/pair at the Walmart and they worked great with the cars I had at the time. But they're way too steep for my CTS-V (let alone my Z06) so I ended up getting a pair of Race Ramps.

[Race Ramps]

There are a lot of models but ultimately I decided on the RR-72-2 which is 72" two-piece design that features a two-stage incline. Reverse Logic always runs a sale and had the best deal when I was in the market. When I got them I spent a few minutes placing them and then used a paint pen to mark the corners for each car. Now when I want to do an oil change I set the ramps and drive up like a pro.

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