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I've always liked to carry a fire extinguisher in my vehicles. I was able to find a bracket that mounted to the passenger seat rails for my 2007 Z06 but I couldn't find anything liked for a CTS-V. I also knew that I wanted something that would mount to the seat so that the space used by the extinguisher would always be relative to the seat.

The Recaro seat cushion sits on a formed sheet metal bracket which already holes in about the right locations. My design uses two spacers made from 7/8" 6061 aluminum hex bar. A friend machined them down to 3 ⅛ and center drilled #9 (0.196") so I could tap them M6 x 1.0.

[Seat] [Spacers]
CTS-V Recaro Seat Bracket Bracket Spacers

I found some M6 body bolts with large captive washers for the top and hex drive countersunk screws for the bottom. The shelf is made from a piece of 3/16" 6061 aluminum cut to 7" x 10" and has radiused corners. One of the holes in the seat bracket is elongated and it looks like I could make my spacers holes between 8" and 8 ¼" apart. I decided to split the difference and used 8 ⅛".

[Picture] [Picture]
Test Fit Ready For Powder Coating

I drilled and tapped four 1/4-28 holes to attach the bracket for my Amerex 385TS fire extinguisher and used 1/4" long hex button head screws to attach it. After powder coating the plate flat black using a HotCoat kit from Eastwood Company I assembled and installed everything.

[Pictue] [Pictue]
Powder Coated Installed

The 385TS weighs 5.2 lbs and uses Halotron 1, an environmentally friendly clean agent that does not leave residue like Halon. My bracket (spacers and shelf) weighs about 1.3 lbs.

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