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Black CTS-V: Spare Tire

My CTS-V follows the modern trend of cars to not include a spare tire. Instead you get a electric compressor and a can of tire goop. When I looked for spare tire options I found a number of folks who have rolled their own. But all I found involved buying a wheel and tire combination that "might" fit in the wheel well and required using a wheel spacer, special lug nuts and other assorted hacks.

Meanwhile I wanted something closer to an OEM solution. In the end I bought a kit from Modern Spare which is described as fitting in the wheel well and clearing the calipers. This got me a T135/70R18 Maxxis compact spare tire (TP10655500) mounted on a decent looking 18x5 five spoke black alloy wheel, a telescoping lug wrench, a scissor jack and ratchet. It also included a variety of 1/2" sockets, a plastic bag to keep your flat from getting the trunk dirty and even a set of lug nuts in case the factory ones are too big. When I got the kit I test mounted the wheel on both the front and rear:

[Front] [Rear]
Mounted on Front Mounted on Rear

The spare definitely clears the massive Brembo brake calipers but not by more than 1-2 mm. The designated jack points on the CTS-V (see below) are sheet metal so I cut a 2x4 down to 11" to use with the jack and distribute load.

[Picture] [Picture]
Jack Points Block and Jack

The main part I ordered from the dealer was the spare support. It's a heavy duty styrofoam piece that holds the lug wrench and ratchet and supports the spare. I reused the jack assembly bolt and retainer. There is a spare tire specific jack assembly bolt which is angled but isn't really important for the spare to be centered on the bolt. To hold the jack securely and avoid rattles I drilled a hole in the center of my 2x4 and used it to sandwich the jack:

[Picture] [Picture]
Spare Support With Block and Jack

With the spare tire and jack secured there is even a little room for storage.


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