[Assorted Hacks]
Black CTS-V:
Assorted Hacks

Here is a list of hacks I've done to my CTS-V. Many involve OEM parts.

Hack Description
Oil Cap Mobil 1 logo oil filler cap
Remote Remote Panic Defeat
US Flag Patriotic metal flag
Rear Brake Rotors Paint rear brake rotor hats

Oil Cap

[Mobil 1 5w30] [Mobil 1 5w30] The owners manual recommends synthetic engine oil and Mobil 1 is what I've always used. I like the 5 quart containers available from Amzon and Walmart.

The Corvette oil filler cap (GM 12555685) is embossed with the Mobil 1 logo and is interchangeable with the cap on the CTS-V's LSA.


[US flag] I'm one of those people who seems to always set off their car alarm because something in my pocket gets wedged against the panic button on the key fob.

The solution is to put a piece of tape over contacts inside the remote.

US Flag

[US flag] Here's how I fly the flag on my CTS-V:

Rear Brake Rotors

[Painted Rear Brake Rotor Hat] The rear brake rotors hats had rust on them so I painted them:

I used Dupli-Color Paint matte black (BCP105) brake caliper paint.

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