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Disable CAGS

[1 -> 4] Computer aided gear selection (CAGS) is a hack invented to avoid the gas guzzler tax. A solenoid is used to lock out second and third gears when the following conditions are met:

During the lockout, a dashboard light that says "1 → 4" is illuminated and you are supposed to shift from 1st directly to 4th. There is no timeout; that is, the lockout continues as long as the above conditions persist.

My first encounter with CAGS was the 2000 Camaro SS I had. The skip shift eliminator kits sold available back then used a flawed design. Since the CAGS solenoid measured 120 Ω, they built a harness that connected a 120 Ω, ½ watt resistor to the ECM. While this worked, at 13.7 volts this works out to 571 mA or 7.8 watts. That's a lot of power to run through a ½ watt resistor. There was some potting compound but I eventually noticed that my bypass had melted a bit.

Since the ECM considers a modest current draw sufficient my stragegy for disabling CAGS in my CTS-V was to put a resistor in series with the CAGS solenoid. For one thing it means you don't need to ty-rap the loose end. Also you don't need a dust/water cap for the solenoid connector.

I built my cable with a ¼ watt, 20K Ω resistor and 20AWG wire (Belden 83027 TFE jacket):

[Resistor] [Cable]
20K Ω resistor !CAGS Cable

The factory service manual (volume 4, page 11-814) shows the skip shift solenoid actuator is connector Q34 with pin A (gray) as the switched (ground) skip shift signal and pin B (pink/black) as the battery positive voltage.

Here's a parts list for the wiring harness:

Quanity Delphi Mouser Description
1 12162000 829-12162000 Metri-Pack 150 sealed 2-way connetor (male)
2 12045773 829-12045773 Metri-Pack 150 male pin (2.78 to 1.69mm)
1 12052646 829-12052646 Metri-Pack 150 sealed 2-way connetor (female)
2 12048074 829-12048074 Metri-Pack 150 female pin (2.80 to 2.03mm)
4 15393249 829-15393249 Metri-Pack 150 green cable seal (1.6 to 2.15mm)
2 12052634 829-12052634 Metri-Pack 150 wire TPA (blue)

The inline Delphi connector that mates with the factory harness is not available. 12162000 is very close but has a key that needs to be removed:

[Delphi 12162000]

The left connector is unmodified and the right has the key removed.

Other Skip Shift Disable Methods

Here are some other skip shift delete methods:

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