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This is my Ron Fellows Z06 Corvette page. [Player 1]

My 2007 Z06 was built on March 26th, 2007. It's powered by a LS7 built by Kerry Rasmussen on March 15th 2007 at the Performance Build Center of the General Motors Powertrain Facility in Wixom, Michigan.

Table of contents:

[White Z06 Assorted hacks] Assorted hacks
[White Z06 RPO] RPO details
[White Z06 Pictures] White Z06 Pictures
[White Z06 Gear ratio calculator] Gear ratio calculator
[White Z06 Tools] Tools
[White Z06 Oil report] Oil report

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[White Z06 RPO] [White Z06 Pictures]
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[White Z06 Mods: Shocks] [White Z06 Mods: Brakes]

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[White Z06 Mods: Heel/Toe throttle plate] [White Z06 Mods: Clutch] [White Z06 Mods: Navigation Radio] [White Z06 Mods: OnStar] [White Z06 Mods: EFILive]
[White Z06 Mods: Valentine One] [White Z06 LED DRL and tail lights] [White Z06 Mods: Battery] [White Z06 Mods: Fire Extinguisher] [White Z06 Mods: Disable CAGS]

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