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In December of 2005 Car & Driver magazine tested a pre-production C6 Z06 at Grattan Raceway Park in Belding, Michigan. They complained the car was too stiff for such a rough track saying, "If the Z06 encountered any kind of bump or lump in the pavement as it was exiting a corner, the result was a nearly instantaneous outward snap of the tail."

In the summer of 2006, Corvette engineers took some cars to Grattan to investigate Car & Drivers complaint. Ultimately they agreed and came up with a re-valved shock that was supposed be used for 2007 Z06 production but supplier issues delayed their deployment until late in March of 2007. Car & Driver included the Z06 in another test that same month and found its handling much more predictable.

My Z06 (built in mid-March) missed getting the revised rear shocks parts by only a week or two. When I first got it, I was truly impressed with how stiff the suspension was. It was stiffer than my SS Camaro which has had a number of suspension upgrades including Koni Sport dual adjustable struts and shocks. Over time I decided that it might be a bit stiffer than I'd prefer so when part numbers for the revised Z06 shocks surfaced, I installed a pair.

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Old vs. New

Installation notes


It's easy to tell the new shocks are slightly softer but they're still pretty stiff!
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