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Delrin bushings

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Control arm bushings

At about 80K miles I started noticing some signs that my control arm bushings were wearing. For example, cracks in the road could cause the car to pull one way or the other. In the past I've taken this as a sign that bushings are worn out and allow too much movement. I've heard this condition described as "dynamic toe" and it can be pretty annoying. I've installed polyurethane bushing kits on numerous other vehicles so I decided to do that. Based on previous experience I initially tried Energy Suspension again. However their C6 Corvette kits do not fit a Z06; at the time, none of their sellers and only some Energy Suspension technical support members knew this!

Unable to find any polyurethane bushings I investigated Delrin. I found three options: Ridetech, Van Steel, and Borg Motorsports.

Of these only Borg Motorsports offers Delrin AF100 which contains 20% Teflon (PTFE) fibers which lubricates as it wears. Standard Delrin is expensive but the AF100 version is even more so.

[Delrin AF100 Kit] [Upper Control Arm]
Delrin AF100 Kit Upper Control Arm

More than half of the labor of installing polyurethane bushings is in removing the old molded rubber from the old hardware; and with its independent rear suspension the C6 Corvette is twice as much work than with my old SS Camaro. A nice feature of the Delrin kits is that all new hardware is provided; this saves a lot of labor.

Remember that you'll definitely need an alignment when you're done. And if your motor and transmission mounts are old now would be a good time to replace them.


Replacing my control arm bushings definitely solved my "dynamic toe" issue. A C6 Z06 (which does not come with magnetic ride control) already has a fairly harsh ride. The main difference I have noticed in the ride is when going over small rocks, road reflectors, and draw bridge transitions, But it didn't take long to get used to this and the car feels a lot more stable when taking sweepers. So I think this upgrade was worth the labor and expense.

Installation Notes

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