WHT Z06 Modifications:

When it was time to do the brakes on my Z06 I went with factory pads. My rotors were done so I upgraded to 2-piece rotors.

Description GM Delco
Front 19153019 171-0959
Rear 19153020 171-0970

The factory pad kits come with new guide pins.

For rotors I used Performance AFX Motorsports 2 piece rotors. The use colman racing rings which are slotted and directional.

Front Rear

Here are the part numbers:

Description Assembly Rotor-only Bolt Kit
Left Front 100277/278 Drivers 100279/280 Drivers 100154
Right Front 100277/278 Passenger 100279/280 Passenger
Left Rear 100171-72/100129-30 Drivers 100200/201 Drivers 100206
Right Rear 100171-72/100129-30 Passenger ? Passenger

Both of the rears rotor assemblies need to specify "parking brake provisions."

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