[Navigation Radio Upgrade]
WHT Z06 Modifications:
Navigation Radio Upgrade

There were two main versions of the C6 navigation radio, 2005-2010 and 2011-2013. The newer radios have provisions for an AUX input jack and USB connector. According to the 2013 Chevrolet Corvette Navigation System manual, 5th generation iPods (circa 2012) and newer are supported. But testing shows that modern iPhones including the 6s, X, and 12 also work.

[Navigation Radio]

Another difference is the map nag; older radios display a popup the first time you use the map in an ignition cycle not to operate the navigation screen while moving. The 2013 radio does it less often. According to the Navigation manual, "Every 50 times the vehicle is started and the navigation system is turned on, the Caution screen appears." In practice I've found it always does if the car is in accessory mode.

Here's the list of 2011-2013 related parts:

GM Description
20856087 navigation radio (U3U) 2011-2013
22828130 navigation usb cable
22787173 AUX/USB center console wiring harness
25832462 AUX/USB center console receptacle

In addition you need fabricate the AUX input harness and add some terminals to to the existing navigation radio connectors. It only needs to be about 14" long to mate with the cable that goes to the center console receptacle.

Delphi Num Description
12064763 1 6-way Metri-Pack 150 unsealed male (gray)
12064765 1 TPA for 12064763 (optional)
15359163 5 Metri-Pack 150 male terminal (gold plated)
12146447 5 Metri-Pack 100 female terminal

Here is the pinout for the harness:

AUX/USB Radio Color Description
A C2-F D-GN Remote Radio Left Audio (+) Signal
B C2-G GY/BK Remote Radio Right Audio (+) Signal
C C2-E YE/WH Remote Radio Right Audio Common
D C1-A3 GN/WH Auxiliary Detection Signal
F C2-C BK Drain

Connector C1 is a 24-way F micro pack 100 series. C2 is a 12-way F micro pack 100 series.

You will also need to come up with some way to hold the AUX/USB center console receptacle. Unfortunately all colors of the 2011-2013 center console have been discontinued. One remaining option is to pay a premium for a used center console. This has the advantage that you can probably also obtain the AUX/USB center console wiring harness and receptacle. Here are some part numbers:

GM Description
20957060 2011-2013 center console (ebony w/USB)
20957061 2011-2013 center console (titanium w/USB)
20957062 2011-2013 center console (cashmere w/USB)

The other option is to modify your existing center console and add a box to house the AUX/USB receptacle. Given that there was never a red version of the 2011-2013 center console that would match my Ron Fellows Z06 interior (ebony/cobalt red) I went this route.

About the time I started in this phase of my navigation radio upgrade project Ray Kawal started offering a 3D printed USB/AUX audio pod. His kit (NAV-7) includes the pod and the two USB/AUX harnesses. He also sells a premade harness (NAV-4) for use with the 2006-2010 C6.

[Kawal AUX/USB poKawal AUX/USB podd]

3D printed items can have a rough texture so Ray sands and paints the pods and they look nice.

Using a Used Navigation Radio

It's currently not difficult source a used radio from a dismantler but keep in mind you'll probably need access to a Tech2 scanner to preform a VIN relearn and reset the theft lock.


The 2011-2013 navigation radio is Bluetooth ready but you also need the 2011-2013 OnStar (VCIM) module and left steering wheel control switches.

GM Description
22898987 OnStar/VCIM module with Bluetooth
15938939 Bluetooth antenna
25862864 steering wheel switch (phone)

Used OnStar modules usually come the Bluetooth antenna attached.

A difference between the early and late OnStar modules is that the 2005-2010 version has separate coax cables for the GPS and GSM antennas. The 2011-2013 version combines this into a single cable.

Upgraded Microphone

Another change that happened when the 2011-2013 navigation radio came out is that the A piller microphone was updated.

[Old and new microphones]

The original part mumber is GM 15285919. The new part (GM 15916146) is designed to be more directional.

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