WHT Z06: Assorted Hacks

Here is a list of hacks I've done to my Z06. Many involve OEM parts.

Hack Description
Fob Fob Panic Button Disable
US Flag Aluminum US Flag
Weatherstrip Lubricant GM weatherstrip lubricant

Fob Panic Button Disable

The panic button the key fob can be annoying when your keys or whatever set off the alarm. Eventually I got fed up and put a piece of tape over the contacts for the panic button:


US Flag

I'm not really big on putting decals or bumper stickers on my vehicles but I like displaying the US flag. I got this aluminum flag from ebay.

[US flag]

Weatherstrip Lubricant

GM Weatherstrip Lubricant (GM 3634770, also known as Krytox) is a silicone-free grease used for dressing weatherstriping. It works great but is expensive.


It's listed in TSB (#99-08-64-016A) as being one of the two products that should be periodically applied to weatherstrip surfaces. A cheaper option is dielectric silicone grease (GM 12345579 or equivalent).

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