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Here is a small collection of binaries I've built to run on the TiVo. My TiVo runs 2.0.1 (it's a Sony SAT-T60) and a buddy has a standalone running 1.3 (it's a Sony SVR-2000). They both run all the binaries found on this page. Considering the shared on version 1.3, 2.0 and 2.0.1 TiVo's are identical, this isn't surprising.

Binary Manpage Diffs Updated Version Details

20Dec00 1.12 cf
chattr chattr.1.gz   26May01 1.06 e2fsprogs
lsattr lsattr.1.gz   26May01 1.06 e2fsprogs
lsof lsof.8.gz lsof-diffs.gz 20Dec00 4.53 lsof
micro_inetd micro_inetd.1.gz micro_inetd-diffs.gz 20Dec00
micro_httpd micro_httpd.8.gz micro_httpd-diffs.gz 20Dec00 15dec00 micro_httpd
netstat netstat.8.gz netstat-diffs.gz 20Dec00 1.432 netstat
ping ping.8.gz ping-diffs.gz 10Jun01 ping
ps ps.1.gz ps-diffs.gz 05Jun01 1.2.7 ps
tar   tar-diffs.gz 24Mar05 1.15. tar
tnlited   tnlited-diffs.gz 05Jun01 2 tnlited
top top.1.gz ps-diffs.gz 05Jun01 1.2.7 ps
traceroute traceroute.8.gz traceroute-diffs.gz 05May01 1.4a12 traceroute
uptime uptime.1.gz ps-diffs.gz 05Jun01 1.2.7 ps
vmstat vmstat.8.gz ps-diffs.gz 20Dec00 1.2.7 ps
w w.1.gz ps-diffs.gz 05Jun01 1.2.7 ps

I built these using the cross compiler package I got from Adam's TiVo stuffpage (which no longer exists). When you put /usr/local/tivo/bin on your path before /usr/bin, most programs (including those that use some kind of auto configuration) will build correctly.

Adam's package works like a champ and saves a lot of time but there are a few things to pay attention to:

To deal with the broken libc routines, I wrote something called libtivohack. It's a collection of replacement routines I link my TiVo binaries against.

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