Date: 27 Jan 93 18:15:54 GMT
From: (Jess Roberts)
Subject: vacation idea
Newsgroups: rec.humor

here's a great idea for a vacation business...(no flames)

You know how they have fantasy baseball camps where you go spend a week with al l your favorite old-timers, and learn a game you love from the people that do i t best? Well, why not take out two birds with one stone? Your wife wants that fur coat for Christmas, and she's been nagg ing yu for a vacation for weeks...come to our place, and your worry's will melt away like snow...That's right, at Club Club, you not only learn the intricacie s of clubbing seals, you learn the history, clothing, equipment, and mystique t hat makes clubbing baby seals the family fun that it is today. Your week will include:

Give us a call! 1800-VALDEZ1
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