Date: Wed, 23 Oct 91 00:23:44 -0400
From: (Jerry Wieber)
Subject: Sorry to hear...

Rab related to me your untimely demise as follows; where should I send flowers?

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Our house was consumed in the flames. I just got out in time. When I got outside, I realized Chris was still in the house. I ran in to get him, and he was sitting in front of his terminal screaming ``I have to save my changes!'' Apparently he was editing some program remotely, and he couldn't save it because the fire had burned the phone line. He wouldn't leave, so I abandoned him.

When the fire finally smoldered out, I went back and found Chris dead, still in front of his terminal. He was sizzling like a steak on a grill. It was sad to see him go like that.

It was really suprising how the fire destroyed some things, while other things right beside them are uncharred. For instance, when the fire swept through our living room, it reduced my barbells to a pool of molten steel. But only a few feet away, my ice sculpture was unaffected. Incredible.

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