This is a USB controlled LCD display I use to show me what's playing on my audio system. It uses a USB Boarduino and a Sparkfun 64 x 128 LCD. The Sparkfun LCD has square pixels and is supported by the glcd-arduino graphical LCD library. The biggest downside is that Sparkfun rarely has them in stock! I used a USB Boarduino because it was an easy way to get a FTDI USB chipset.

Display view USB Boarduino

I packaged the final assembly with some small pices of 1/16" acrylic and standoffs. I wanted to be able to change the angle of the display so I made a hinge with some small threaded L brackets. The result is a little front heavy but still works nicely.

Hinge detail usblcd.png

There are pots for contrast and brightness. At some point in the future I want to replace the brightness pot with a PWM output on the Arduino.

You can find some of my notes here.

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